How do my customers learn about ViaBill?

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There are 2 main ways your customers can learn about ViaBill.

  1. Through the ViaBill PriceTag widget, which is located on every product, cart, and checkout page on your store. The PriceTag shows your customers how low their payment will be if they pay with Viabill.

The ViaBill Price Tag as it appears on a product:

When they click on the PriceTag:

They will learn about ViaBill in more detail and will be informed on how to choose ViaBill at checkout.

  1. You have access to a selection of ViaBill’s Brand Assets to add to your store to advertise that you have a Buy Now and Pay Later option available to your customers like the examples below.Website Banners

Brand Logo

To find out more about this, please follow the link to our Brand Assets page here

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