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ViaBill Integration for Shopify

If you have not yet contacted our Business Development Team to sign your service agreement, please contact Failure to do so will result in your account's deactivation.  

If you prefer, you can download the Integration guide for Shopify

  1. Get our app through this link
  2. Start setting up our Checkout

  1. Click on Install Unlisted App

  1. Create a new account with ViaBill by filling out the registration form, or log in to your existing ViaBill account.

  1. Install our payment gateway

  1. Click the Install Payment Provider button to continue

  1. After installing our Payment gateway, go to Alternative payment methods and search for ViaBill

  1. Fill in this information with the data provided in the app (check Step 5) and scroll down to click on Activate ViaBill Checkout.

  1. Done! Now it’s time to set up the PriceTag. If you need help with this step, please contact and we will send you a Shopify collaborator request.

Keep in mind that the following instructions are general guidelines and might not apply to every store.

Check this guide if you need more information on pricetags.

  1.  To set up your PriceTag, copy the PriceTag script from the app. It should look similar to this:



       var o=document.createElement('script');




       var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];




  1. Paste the script at the end of the cart.template and product.template files.
  2.  To set up the PriceTag on your product page, look for product-template.liquid, and insert the following code close to product.price or something similar.

<div class="viabill-pricetag" data-view="product" data-price="{{ product.price | money }}" data-language="en" data-currency="usd"></div>

  1.  To set up the PriceTag on your cart page, look for cart-template.liquid, and insert the following code close to or something similar.

    <div class="viabill-pricetag" data-view="basket" data-price="{{ cart.total_price | money }}" data-language="en" data-currency="usd"></div>


Need help with integrating ViaBill on your store? Reach out to our dedicated integration team at      

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