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Show the ViaBill PriceTags on your store!

ViaBill's PriceTag is the key to your success as a ViaBill partner. PriceTags show your customers how much to pay per month if they choose to pay with ViaBill.

The moment you enter into a partnership with ViaBill, you will be offered to have ViaBill's Price Tags installed on your webshop. Installing the PriceTag is a fixed part of your webshop's integration with ViaBill.

Below are examples of our PriceTags, the sit directly under your store's price tags to show the customers you have a buy now, pay later option.

When your customer clicks on the ViaBill PriceTag, it opens a pop-up window with a breakdown of the price, instructions, and more information about the payment process.

If you have not yet had ViaBill's PriceTag installed on your webshop, you can contact Here, our skilled onboarding team is ready to guide you through the installation and answer any questions you may have.

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