Payments and Billing

What happens if I miss a payment?

ViaBill sends you a reminder each month before your payment is due. If the payment is missed, don’t panic! ViaBill will attempt to capture the payment again over the four consecutive days following y…

Team ViaBill
Updated 1 month ago by Team ViaBill

How do I pay off my balance?

You can make an additional payment or pay your balance in full at any time by following these steps: Login to your MyViaBill Portal using the email you signed up with and your secure password. Naviga…

Team ViaBill
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When do I make my first payment?

When you make a ViaBill purchase, you will pay a down payment at checkout for that purchase. This down payment will be 25% of the purchase value, this may be less depending on the product tier you ar…

Team ViaBill
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Why was my installment charged via ACH?

You may be required to add your checking account to your ViaBill account depending on soft pull credit check results or when the credit used reaches a certain threshold. If this request is required,…

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