When will I be charged if I miss a payment?

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If your monthly installment fails - Don’t Panic!

ViaBill will try and charge your monthly installments on the last banking day of the month. 

You will pay your down payment at checkout and your next payment will be charged on the last business day of the following month.

If this payment is missed, ViaBill will try to charge your account again on the following dates:

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the month.

If this installment remains unpaid until the 15th of the month, a late fee will be applied to the account. This will be the value of the installment or $15, whichever is less.

After the late fee is applied, ViaBill will attempt to charge this installment combined with the new installment on the last business day of that month.

If your payment fails due to a problem with your current payment method, then you can follow the steps to update this here.

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