Change Payback Period

Jonathan Bate Updated by Jonathan Bate

Already on ViaBill’s Paid Plan?

If yes, then you have the ability to change the duration of your installments!

By default, when you purchase on ViaBill’s paid plan your installments are spread out over 20 months. If you’d like to shorten the duration of this, you can do so by following the guide below.Log in to your MyViaBill account.

Navigate to the payment section. Here you will see the option to Change Payback Period.

Once you’ve clicked on the Change payback period button, you can use the arrow keys to reduce the months you wish to pay. 

Once you’ve decided the new payment duration, simply click on the Approve button.

Note: When changing your payback duration, you must keep in mind that changing the number of installments may impact the overall amount you pay related to your account and may increase your monthly payment.

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